Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christmas at the Belcher farm

[huge_it_slider id=”5″]Christmas at Wimplebridge is special and even more so at the Belcher farmhouse.

Earlier in the month we enlisted the younger Angus Macintosh to help us choose and cut a tree for the house. It looked just perfect in the woods and once we got it was into a pot and dressed with tinsel and balls it looked even better.

Although we are all having the day off there are still a few jobs to do around the farm. The sheep had been given an extra feeding this morning so we don’t have to go out again tonight and the cowes have been bedded down in record time.

Everyone came to the farmhouse for lunch, even my sister Claudilia, who gave her present to Pumpkin the horse on her way over to us.

They are not riding today because there is a meeting of the hunt tomorrow and she will give Pumpkin a good run out with them. The local hunt never catches anything, even when they were allowed to chase a fox they never caught it but they do look wonderful all dressed up and the dogs love to race across the fields behind a very fit young man with a scented drag.

This year Karen H and her husband joined us for lunch, she seemed to have a lovely timebut we lost her at about three when everyone else was watching the queen’s speech. It’s all right though. She turned up in the lounge with her dog, snowy, having a little nap.