Claudilias’ cottage

The village is looking especially nice this morning, Claudilia lives in Bindweed cottage and today it is looking beautiful. Recently part of the wall was knocked down by a tractor and trailer on its way to the AD plant. Although the driver didn’t admit it was him Claudilia found out that it was Tony the bee keeper. She was not able to tackle him about it because he died in a tragic accident.

Bindweed Cottage. Home of Claudilia Belcher

Tony was moving a hive of bees from one site to another when he crashed into the front of a tractor, which was ironically on its way to the AD plant, and died from the shock of being stung several thousand times.

Angus Mackintosh, who runs the plant, arranged for Claudilia’s wall to be rebuilt as a good will gesture. It was very nice of him as technically he wasn’t employing Tony at the time he damaged the wall.  These big tractor and trailer units travel at about thirty miles an hour thought the village and when two pass each other there is very little space. Angus has told the drivers they have to limit their speed past the houses, we will wait and see if the driver take any notice.